Dave Dersham is a meandering fool:
In his 20s, he spent a searing Wyoming summer prepping gruel for Dornan's chuck wagon beneath the Teton's purple haze; taught Eco-Ed to middle schoolers among the butterscotch-soaked pines of the Black Hills; trekked the sage and cottonwoods with underserved youth in southern Idaho; and explored the cultures of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.  (He never saw the resplendent quetzal that reportedly, "hung around the Coca-Cola sign" near Coban, but he did manage to see a motmot when visiting the Jaguar Reserve.)

By his 30s, the muse pulled Dave to the luster of the Cambridge folk scene where he completed his first CD, "The Burn of Summer."  The album enjoyed regular airtime on folk radio's WUMB, Emerson College's WERS, and produced a finalist selection for the nationally syndicated Mountain Stage's Emerging Artist competition. 

His second album, "Gilding the Lilies" was recorded with the assistance of Lloyd Thayer's unorthodox lap-steele, as well as the shrewd production/instrumentation of Jared Fiske.  The CD was released in the fall of 2011 and was distributed internationally. He is currently working on his third CD to be released in 2019.

Currently, Dave tours the subterranean folk pockets of the Northeast, Southern California, and Texas.  He's also "sighted" annually with the Bigfoot Research Organization--aka the "BRO"--on Thanksgiving weekend at Club Passim. The BRO is admittedly odd. They understand this. They accept this. In brief, they comprise a loosely arranged, crypto-musical quartet, blazing with sonic truth and ecological wonder.  Together, they have pushed the boundaries of "folk" music, field-study, and unfortunate male humor for 11 relentless years. (Their respective romantic partners can attest to this.) 

And for a brief period, they even managed a MySpace account. This site was attended to faithfully, despite perpetual hostility from conventional, so-called "scientists."  Unfortunately, the MySpace URL was eventually put out to pasture by an unknown cyber-adversary.  The BRO remains livid.

Some people--perhaps UFO apologists--can't handle the Truth.